Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Company consists of eminent persons with considerable professional expertise and experience in business and industry, finance, management and marketing. The composition of the Board of Directors with reference to number of Executive and Non-Executive Directors is given hereunder:

Composition Of Board Of Directors:

Panna Lal Baid

Chairman and Managing Director

He is the founder of Baid Leasing and Finance Co. Ltd. and first generation entrepreneur bearing more than 50 years expertise in diversified sectors and more particularly into core finance sector. He created the strategic presence of the company in high yield – pre-owned vehicle financing segment with expertise in loan origination, valuation and collection.  He is the inspirational and guiding force to the whole team of Baid Leasing and Finance Co. Ltd. He actively participates in strategic decision making of the company and has promoted ethics in working environment by creating a work culture which provide a stabilized growth environment and motivation.

Aman Baid

Executive Director

He is a third generation entrepreneur , post graduate in FMB from S.P. Jain school of

management, Mumbai and an alumni of The Lawrence School, Sanawar. He is actively

handling the vehicle portfolio of the company for the last 5 years. He is heading the

operations , credit, collection for the vehicle portfolio. He has a team for every different

ambit viz. operations, credit, collection, reporting to him. He sets the short and long-term

financial objectives with an eye of achieving them. He is an experienced businessman and

possesses all entrepreneurial skills and is able to manage the NBFC venture successfully.

Anurag Patni

Independent Director

Monu Jain

Independent Director

Mudit Singhi

Independent Director

Alpana Baid

Non-Executive Director