About Us

About Baid Leasing & Finance Company Limited

Baid Leasing and Finance Company Limited, CIN: L65910RJ1991PLC006391 established and came into existence in the year 1991 as a public limited company in Jaipur. We are a Non Banking Finance Company, registered with Reserve Bank of India, focused on vehicle financing and providing loan against property.

We are also aware of the tough fight in the ring, facing challenges head on is an essential attribute that the company bears and thrives successfully on.

Everything that the company has achieved, is on the path of achieving and all that it will achieve will all be because of the wide spread and loyal customer base it holds.

With the worldwide economic rebalancing, emerging markets are increasingly becoming the drivers of the global economy, offering more opportunities and calling for more capital. Baid Leasing and Finance Company Limited is positioned right in the center of this emerging paradigm. We are focused on tapping these opportunities and growing along with our key stakeholders.



It is our endeavor to serve the underserved segment of society. We strive at creating value at the bottom of the pyramid by providing finance to the weaker and generally overlooked sections of the society, create value for all stakeholders and a healthy work environment for our employees.


We are in Business of putting People first:

To be the preferred customer centric NBFC, to create motivated and friendly working atmosphere for Employees, to create value for our Vendors, Investors and Lenders.

Learn to Earn:

To be passionate about learning and upgrading across all operational areas to serve our customers, employees and stakeholders at our best.


  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Team Spirit
  • Competency